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Acer rubrum

A native shade tree

Native to the entire state, the red maple can reach a mature height of 40' to 60'. In early spring, before the leaves emerge, tiny red flowers cover the canopy of the tree--a wonderful sight against a blue sky. The samaras, or winged seeds, turn bright red in early summer and then fade to brown and fall to the ground. The cultivars of red maple are much more consistent with good fall color. Use it as a shade tree. 

Acer rubrum
Red maple
Family: Maple (Aceraceae)
Type: Deciduous tree/shrub

Mature Size:
greater than 50 feet

  Flower Color:
  Bloom Season:
full sun to partial shade
  Soil Moisture:
attracts birds
native to the Midwest
  Landscape Use:
shade tree
specimen plant
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