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Viburnum lantana 'Mohican'

One of the best viburnums for the Midwest

This viburnum is extremely adaptable -- it will grow well in a variety of conditions and thrives in the Midwest. It is usually a multistemmed shrub with a rounded outline growing to a height of 10' to 15'. The large, broad leaves are feathery and "scurfy" -- with a rough sandpapery texture. The flowers of the wayfaringtree viburnum, which are a creamy white with no fragrance, are borne in clusters 5" in diameter. Bloom begins in early to mid-May and continues for two weeks. The fruit appears in late summer and goes through a series of color changes from yellow to red to black; often, all three colors appear at the same time on one plant. Wayfaringtree viburnum provides three seasons of interest with creamy flowers in spring, bluish-green leaf color, reddish-purple leaves in fall and tricolored autumn fruits. Use it in a shrub border. 

Viburnum lantana
Wayfaringtree viburnum
Family: Honeysuckle (Caprifoliaceae)
Type: Deciduous tree/shrub

Mature Size:
8-15 feet

  Flower Color:
  Bloom Season:
full sun to partial shade
  Soil Moisture:
attracts birds
  Landscape Use:
bedding or border
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